The 5-60-5 Workout

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Firehouse workouts don’t need to leave you feeling tired and exhausted. Try this simple, 5-person, 5-station workout routine for a quick, mid-shift workout that will leave you feeling strong and energized.

The Team

You can do this routine alone or with a partner – but upping the workout to a 5-person crew adds an element of camaraderie that’s truly beneficial to every member involved.

The Cycle

The clock starts with each member in a separate 60-second cycle station. Once the minute is up, everyone rotates to the next exercise. Starting stations don’t matter, since everyone cycles through every station every 5 minutes. Station cycles can vary per preference, but the goal is to hit every muscle group in the body. A good starting cycle is: Sit-ups, Air Squats, Push-ups, Burpees, and Side thrusts.

The Sets

Repeat the Cycle 5 times. At the end of 5 repetitions of the Cycle, all members will have exercised at high-intensity for 25 minutes. It’s a perfect, fat-burning, muscle-building group workout that every team member can complete at their own pace.

By nature, this workout is not a race. But keep in mind: there’s nothing stopping you from keeping track of your own personal bests or even pooling your team scores against another station’s as an excuse for a little friendly competition. 


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