The One-Two Punch: Fitness and Nutrition

By October 24, 2018 December 10th, 2018 No Comments

“You Are What You Eat.”

It’s an old proverb that everyone’s heard, but how true is it?

Well, if you’re looking to get healthy, build muscle, and feel great, listen up.

If nutrition isn’t at the forefront of your fitness strategy, every exercise goal you’re reaching for could be all for naught.

Here are some fitness-foward nutritional rules to follow while on shift:

1.    Plan and prep your meals out ahead of time

2.    Only put the good stuff in

3.    Don’t overeat

Granted, healthy meal planning is a learned skill. Lucky for us, Firehouse Chef Ryan McKay has dedicated his life to educating firefighters on how to plan and prep highly nutritious and properly portioned meals while on shift and at home. Check out some of his recipes and videos at thefirehousechef.com and take the next step towards a better life.


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