Workout Prep: Stretching vs. Mobilizing

By October 12, 2018 December 10th, 2018 No Comments

For years, everyone learned in gym class that stretching before a workout was the best way to prepare your body for a rigorous training session at the gym.

Today, we know that while light stretching throughout the day can add flexibility and increase circulation, stretching before an intense workout can actually harm the body.

Instead of stretching and separating joints and tendons, which can potentially compromise muscle strength and open up your body to injury, try approaching your pre-workout routine with a fresh concept in mind: muscle mobilizing.

Mobilizing your muscles pre-workout with simple movements like foam rolls, side steps, band exercises, or squats allows your muscles to prep appropriately for the high-intensity activities that demand fortified body prep. Even a short amount of time on cardio machines like rowers, bikes, or ellipticals will warm up your muscles in a way that mobilizes, strengthens, and fortifies your body for maximum safety and performance.

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