Better than Yesterday: The Ron Ortiz Story

By November 3, 2018 December 10th, 2018 No Comments

Middle-aged, overweight, and uninspired, 51-year-old-year-old firefighter Ron Ortiz stood at a crossroads.

I just didn’t feel good about myself. I didn’t feel good being heavier. I didn’t feel good knowing I had high blood pressure.

Like many firefighters across the country, Ron faced the daily struggle of a deteriorating body, self-image, and overall quality of life.

Then one day, his life was changed. Thanks to a friend’s invitation to a [painfully] early morning workout, Ron encountered CrossFit – the international fitness program built on constantly variable movements performed at high intensity for sustainable, well-rounded results.

With CrossFit at the center of his strategy, Ron bit the bullet, took the first step, and started actively improving his life through fitness and balanced nutrition.

After months of consistent training and basic daily lifestyle adjustments, Ron went on to win Gold not once, but twice at the CrossFit Games Masters Division in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Today, this two-time CrossFit Games Champion devotes his time to helping firefighters around the country improve their lives through proper exercise and balanced nutrition while on shift at the firehouse and beyond.

Addressing firefighters looking to make a change, Ron offers this piece of advice on getting started and staying positive:

Whatever I was yesterday… I want to be better than that today.

My first workout kicked my butt so bad! I know where you’re coming from… cause I’ve been there.

If you’re that person that’s gained weight, just try changing one thing a month in a positive way. In the end, you’ll look back on it and feel so much better about where you’ve come from – and know you’ll be able to encourage someone else along the way.


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